Patient Referral and Loyalty ProgramsMindStream Creative Patient Referral Programs

Develop a loyal patient following with proven patient referral and loyalty programs.

As medical marketing evolves it is more important than ever to provide targeted marketing to both prospective and existing patients. It is even more important to satisfy patients’ needs in order to effectively grow. As patients’ choices grow, the need to reward them for their loyalty and referrals grows with it. One of the most effective ways to improve patient loyalty by wowing patients is through patient loyalty reward programs.

Patient loyalty programs allow a medical practice or facility to monetize their existing patient base. They encourage patients to stay in-house for services offered by the facility. Patients that consistently visit your practice for a service are more likely to refer your services to friends and families. Loyal patients are one of the biggest secrets to growing a medical practice.

Some examples of our Patient Loyalty Program includes:

  • Patient Referral Programs
  • VIP Programs
  • Frequent Buyer Program
  • Social Media Patient Loyalty Rewards

A patient loyalty program should only be implemented if it can be carried out successfully. In order to determine what programs and amenities are best suited for your patients, we research your patients to uncover what amenities your patients would find attractive and want to participate in. Upon launch of the program we create custom marketing materials to easily and effectively promote the program to your patients.

If a patient loyalty program is something you want to start but do not have the time and resources to manage, Mindstream Creative can help. Our patient loyalty rewards programs will help your medical practice grow.

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