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Unique medical practice identity designed to help you stand out

Your brand is not only the visual identity of the practice in the minds of potential consumers, it is the way your healthcare organization is perceived by the public. It is what differentiates your practice from the competition. It is an entire strategy formulated to resonate with the public in a positive and memorable way. An effective brand results in new patients and physician referrals.

MindStream Creative can help you creatively design your practice branding and the supporting elements to incite interest, relevancy, and distinction. Differentiating your practice from others in your specialty and community is essential for success. We perform detailed market research and determine what healthcare advertising and branding campaigns are needed to facilitate growth. Once they have been determined, we implement any needed changes. We make things happen so you can focus on your patients.

From a design perspective, having aesthetically pleasing medical graphic design and informative and effective marketing materials not only showcases your practice, it also educates your audience on the full breadth of services offered by your practice. If your materials are not working for you, we can breathe new life into them.

Our brand development campaigns typically include the following:

Healthcare Branding Strategy Development:

Your brand is not just snazzy marketing materials, it is everything about your organization that can be perceived by the public. MindStream Creative Medical Consultants will help you reach, connect and engage with the community in a way that is clear, concise, consistent and meaningful.

Medical Graphic Design:

Logos, Brochures, Stationery, Posters


Direct Mail, eBlasts, eNewsletters, Print Advertisements, Website Content


A logo makes an important first impression on your prospective patients. Our designers work with you to create the perfect artistic representation of your medical practice.


Brochures help your patients make smarter decisions about treatment, while also showcasing the breadth of services you offer. We work with you to determine what type of brochure is needed to achieve your goals. We then work with our designers to create a sophisticated design that showcases your unique brand.