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Positioning your practice as leaders to the community.

MindStream Creative’s experienced public relations team help healthcare companies navigate the media and communications industry to ensure they receive widespread exposure. Our strategies build thought leadership and increase consumer confidence in medical products, services and providers. Our team has had great success supplementing the marketing efforts of our healthcare clients.

Medical and Healthcare Public Relations Builds Consumer Confidence

An essential component of any medical marketing and branding strategy is public relations. Many businesses neglect to include PR when planning their marketing strategy. This is a mistake as public relations is one of the most cost-effective ways for a medical practice to raise consumer awareness and boost confidence.  MindStream Creative uses a variety of communication vehicles to reach our clients target market including:

  • News & Message Development & Management
  • Media Relations
  • Article Writing
  • Social Media
  • Media Events
  • Educational Seminars
  • Sponsorships
  • Partnerships

A solid PR strategy can often be more effective than advertising. This is because consumers perceive the information shared in an advertisement differently than they do a news feature. Consumers trust the media to provide them with factual information. When a physician is interviewed by the media, it establishes credibility for the provider and positions the practice as experts in their field. A well thought out PR campaign can help consumers overcome reluctance about having a medical procedure and can help improve sales for the practice by building consumer confidence that the physician is qualified to care for them. Consumers are much more likely to move forward with having a medical procedure based upon a news endorsement than an advertisement.

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