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The Importance of Mystery Shopping Your Medical Practice

Medical mystery shopping has become more and more necessary and common with the health reform changes underway. The increased need to see more patients because of decreased reimbursements means that patients may potentially end up shortchanged when it comes to quality...

How to Grow Your Practice Locally

The evolution of effective marketing continues to change and is now quite different from traditional marketing methods. Today, businesses must create a strong online presence to gain market share. Google has made it easier for businesses to boost their local search...

Why A Medical Marketing Plan Is Important

Medical practices across the globe are busy seeing the last of their patients for year 2010. Administrators, CEO's and other practice leaders are looking at the books and gauging how the practice performed this year over last. It is also the time to gauge how much...

Medical Marketing and Employee Satisfaction Go Hand in Hand

The medical industry is well aware of the need to improve patient satisfaction in order to further develop and grow a medical practice. There are many blogs written about this very subject to help practitioners learn how they can improve the patient experience. To...

Showing Gratitude at the Doctor’s Office

As Thanksgiving approaches, our thoughts turn to gratitude. There are many things to be grateful for within the medical industry. The top of the list, however, should go to the patient. The newly competitive nature of the medical industry has required that medical...

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