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Effective promotion of your medical practice using a variety of proven methodologies.

The MindStream Creative team is your go to for all things medical marketing. Our direct experience working inside medical facilities has created a firm foundation that helps us connect with our clients and achieve success.

Virtual Marketing Department

We become your virtual marketing department, which in turn, means we take care of the planning and implementation of medical marketing initiatives that will help you grow. By starting with a strategic healthcare marketing plan, we plot a specific growth course for your medical practice. We then implement all marketing initiatives on your behalf. Our clients enjoy getting back to what they do best, seeing patients. Our clients entrust their marketing to us, knowing that we get the job done.

Our medical marketing campaigns typically include the following:

  • Medical Internet Marketing Development & Implementation
  • Medical Marketing Development & Implementation
  • Strategic Marketing Plan Development & Implementation
  • Physician Referral Development
  • New Neighbor Programs
  • New Physician Marketing
  • Internet Marketing Development & Implementation
  • Patient Satisfaction Survey Development & Implementation

Gone are the days for traditional marketing initiatives. People now use the Internet as their top resource for finding doctors, learning about medical procedures and treatment options and to learn about potential medical providers. Our Internet marketing utilizes a variety of online tools such as eBlasts, eNewsletters, blog and Press Release writing and submission.

Strategic Marketing Plan Development & Implementation

Before you begin marketing your medical practice or medical spa, it is important to have a plan. Our comprehensive marketing plan is an integral part of any successful marketing strategy. We take an in-depth look at your competition and determine the most effective ways to grow your practice. Our marketing plans provide valuable information that can be utilized by the practice for years to come.

Social Media Marketing

By utilizing platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and company blogs, we help extend your reach and increase your leads. We assist you by posting to each account in regularly to facilitate ongoing traffic to your website and improved SEO rankings.

Press Release Writing

Reaching out to the media through regular press releases is an excellent way to help drive links to your website as well as increase public knowledge about the services your practice offers.

Blog Writing & Publishing

One of the most effective ways to generate new traffic to your website and position your medical practice as industry thought leaders is through blog writing. Search engines love websites that are updated regularly (once a week or more is best). We help you generate new leads and patients through our blog copywriting services. Each blog is unique and features content relevant to your audience and service offering. In addition, we publish your blog to a variety of websites to increase the likelihood of your content being found online as well as providing valuable links back to your site.

eBlast and eNewsletter

Email promotional blasts and eNewsletters help keep your brand in front of your contacts mind. By regularly touching your growing contacts, we reinforce your brand and your message.

Referral Development

Our referral programs include solutions to increase both physician and patient referrals into your practice. Are you effectively tracking the source of your referrals? How are your soliciting future referrals from these and other sources? By effectively and consistently addressing your outside referral sources, we help your practice grow.

New Neighbor Program

Our New Neighbor Program provides you with a consistent way to reach the new residents of your community. By proactively and consistently reaching out to new residents, you position your practice as leaders in your industry and open the doors to new patients.

New Physician Marketing

Our new physician marketing program will help build name recognition within the community, which will have your new provider seeing more patients in less time. Get the help you need to grow a strong referral source for your new provider.

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