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Email marketing is easily one of the most effective digital marketing strategies. In 2022, 89% of marketers said email marketing is their primary strategy. The benefits of utilizing email marketing stack up quickly, allowing you to communicate directly with your audience, generate traffic to your website, increase leads, and reach the right people at the right time. Staying on top of the latest email marketing trends is crucial.

5 Must-Have Email Marketing Trends for 2023

  1. Integrate Interactivity: Gone are the days of static emails. If you want to generate interaction with subscribers, start making your emails engaging. Interactivity will help improve your email performance. Some elements you can adopt to achieve this are carousels of images that the reader can swipe through, videos that can play, and surveys.  
  2. Boost Engagement with Storytelling: You need compelling storytelling to maximize interactivity in your email marketing efforts. Customers increasingly seek to connect with the brand they are buying from. To enhance connection, tell your brand’s story and show some personality in emails. This is where organic efforts take effect. Be authentic and share what makes you stand out. Doing this can serve to increase engagement and enhance the relationship you have with your subscribers. 
  3. Utilize A/B Testing: Similar to you, your subscribers’ desires and preferences change over time. To ensure you’re effectively catering to these changes, employ A/B testing to see what strikes the right chord with them. Testing your emails helps you better understand what is and isn’t working for your audience. We suggest changing just one element at a time to get reliable results and sending the test email to subscribers who belong to the same segment with similar preferences. Some aspects to change can be your subject line, button colors, and image choice.
  4. Focus on Email Automation: This is more of a best practice than a trend, but we couldn’t pass on the opportunity to highlight this essential component of email marketing. From welcome emails, product recommendations, birthday emails, cart or browser abandonment emails, or automated email workflows, email automation contributed to a 29.5% conversion rate in 2020. This tool will help drive faster business growth when done effectively. 
  5. Focus on Mobile: Users open 66% of emails on their mobile devices. This means that you’re likely reading this on your mobile device. So, you’ll want to ensure your emails are functional and appear well on mobile devices. When designing your emails, keep the mobile user in mind. Emails should be clutter-free, and you should be mindful of how much copy is in your email so subscribers don’t have to scroll endlessly. A positive mobile experience for subscribers should be top of mind. 

Implementing current email marketing trends into your strategy will be vital in 2023. If you have any questions about the tips and trends we provided or need help getting started, get in touch so we can make your email marketing experience seamless and effective.