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When your medical practice begins its social media campaign, one of the foremost actions you take should involve creating a Facebook page.  Why? Because, like any business, you go where your customers are, and Facebook is where your patients live. It has over 500 million users, and close to half of them spend more time talking to people via social media than they do in real life.  And if you think Facebook is simply for young people, think again. More than 30 percent of users on Facebook are 35 years of age or older. It is only natural to utilize Facebook as a marketing tool to help your practice grow.

But even though Facebook may seem easy, there’s a lot more to maintaining a successful Facebook page than what meets the eye. It’s easy for doctors and medical staff on Facebook to make mistakes that can do more harm to business than good. Here we will discuss the most common mistakes that medical practices make on Facebook, and how you can avoid them.

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