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Having a website is not enough anymore. The extreme competitiveness of the healthcare marketplace has created urgency for businesses to have a website that gets found, gets clicks and gets calls.

In our opinion, the most valuable marketing tool a business can have today is a well-built and engaging website. It is often the first interaction a prospective customer has with your business. Smart business owners realize this and are making sure their first encounter is a positive one.

Attractive, user-friendly websites are only half the battle. Businesses must also work to ensure the content on each of the pages of their site is relevant, well-written and has a clear and distinct call to action. The content should provoke and address questions and concerns of the business’ target demographic. Lastly, the content should be searchable online. You can accomplish this by using keywords throughout your content that web visitors frequently search. For example, if you are an orthopedic surgeon and offer knee replacement surgery, you may use “partial knee replacement” and “total knee replacement” as keywords, among others.

As far as content goes, this is only a start to creating a website that gets found online. Search engines such as Google, rank websites that are frequently updated higher than those that aren’t. The best way to accomplish this is through a blog. Medical practice blogs provide a very efficient way to share accurate information to the masses. By writing a blog weekly or bi-weekly, you create new, engaging content that will help prospective customers find your business online.

As one of the most powerful marketing tools in your arsenal, your website should be a priority. A complimentary website analysis will identify issues with your current site and provide suggestions for improvement to get you on the path to an efficient marketing machine. If you are in need of a redesign, choose a responsive website that puts control back in your hands, with simple edits and updates you or your team can quickly make.