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The aesthetic appearance of a medical office can often mean the difference between one that grows and one that does not. Medical marketing not only includes creating a campaign that helps grow your practice, it also includes helping you implement the changes needed to shine – both inside the practice and out. Patient satisfaction is the cornerstone of a medical practices success. Patients have a choice. It is important to provide them with a positive experience so they continue to choose you.

I have personally experienced this when visiting a pediatric dentist with my daughter. You may remember a previous blog post I wrote about needing to switch dentists because the one we were going to did not accept our dental insurance. After our most recent visit to the new dentist, I decided we are going back to our original dentist. The reason for this is that the practice we were going to was poorly kept and dirty. I did not even want my daughter to touch the toys and other items in the play area. The cleanliness of the practice meant more to me than having to pay out of pocket for my daughter’s care.

This is not a rare occurrence. The appearance of a medical office is something that is very important to patients. In fact, according to Attorney, Jack Olender, the makings of a good doctor include a both a clean doctor and practice. “A doctor’s appearance and the physical condition of the doctor’s office provide important clues to the kind of care you will receive. A dirty, disorganized office may signal trouble.” Think about it: medical offices should be clean – they see patients who are often sick and carrying disease or illnesses that can be spread. They practice should be up-to-date. If you want your practice to be perceived as one that is state of the art, it must look the part.

A MindStream Creative client knew their office needed some updating after several patients let them know why they left the practice by way of phone surveys. Spending the money on updating the office was not something they wanted to do however; it was truly a necessity for the livelihood of the practice. They have since updated the interior of the practice and their patients couldn’t be happier. The change helped more than they could have imagined as the office morale improved because the staff was proud of where they worked.

When working in a medical office, you often stop seeing the flaws that need fixing. It is important to have a fresh eye come in and assess this. As medical marketing consultants, it is our job to provide a fresh perspective to medical providers and their staff. We perform the detailed analysis and then provide you with the feedback and recommendations to move your practice towards success. By taking a proactive approach, you can gain the respect and loyalty from new and existing patients.