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After creating a website for your medical practice, it is important to keep it updated to remain relevant on the Internet. Blogging is the easiest way to make website updates that make a website stay relevant on the Internet.

What is a Blog?

Blogs have been around for a while but a lot of people do not actually understand what a blog is. According to Princeton.edu, a blog is a web log consisting of article entries. Hence blogging is the act of writing the article posts. Blog articles contain sections in which readers can comment, bridging the gap of communication between the writer and reader.

10 reasons why a medical practice should blog

  1. Increases web presence
  2. Low cost marketing strategy
  3. Extend marketing reach to diverse demographics
  4. Create content that is 100% percent yours
  5. Creates free press
  6. Reputation management
  7. Creates a face for the medical practice
  8. Address important issues in the medical field
  9. Promote deals or new medical procedures
  10. Builds credibility

There are many types of blog servers. To keep blogging hassle-free, there are free blog hosts that let you publish information for free. Examples are WordPress.com which allow you to upload onto your website. This is the best way to keep readers on your website.

Tips to a Successful Blog

1. User Friendly Layout
Successful blogs have easy to use interfaces. For example, previous blog posts are easy to find and there are no unwanted pop up ads.

2. Content
Blogs should be approximately 300 words and include information that is up to date, original and relevant.

3. Link to social media
Linking blogs to social media has profound effects. This encourages social media readers to visit your blog, thereby increasing web traffic.

4. Keywords
Keywords are specific words, which enable search engine spiders to match search queries.

5. Use Google Analytics
Google Analytics is used to generate detailed statistics about a website and it’s traffic sources

Having a blog for a medical practice is beneficial. It helps provide expert advice for patients but also builds a reputation for a medical practice. With practice, blogging becomes easier and plays a huge asset to medical practice’s online web presence. Are you interested but don’t have the time to blog? Mindstream Creative can help.