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Big changes are happening in healthcare and patients are pleased! Beginning in 2013, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid will begin withholding 1% of reimbursements from hospitals. This amount will be reimbursed back relative to how they perform on patient surveys that are mandated by the government. In 2017 the amount withheld will double. This has created the urgency for hospitals to demonstrate a high level of patient satisfaction.

Providers are actively engaging consultants to help them develop programs to improve the patient experience. One hospital, Florida Hospital for Children transformed their patient satisfaction from one of the most highly dissatisfied to the 80th percentile of children’s hospitals nationally. This translates to growth for the hospital, which almost doubled patient volume in 2 years.

Many hospitals are trying to transform their facility from one that is sterile and clinical to one that is welcoming. One simple change that many are implementing is scenting the air and adding plants and comfortable chairs in the waiting area. For children’s hospitals, they are creating an oasis for children to escape to. This removes them from the scary place they previously knew.

Another vitally important option is to work on staff development. Many providers push their technology as the one thing that separates them from their competition, but how about the staff. Most patients do not know what technology is best. They are more interested in how they are treated while in the office. You can determine your patient satisfaction several ways. One of the most effective is through medical mystery shopping programs, which help you better understand how the facility is viewed through the eyes of the patient.

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