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One of the most important questions we ask new clients is to describe their value proposition. A value proposition is defined as an innovation, service or feature that makes the company attractive to others. It is the reason people choose one business over another. In healthcare, many companies find it challenging to define.  

Healthcare organizations within the same specialty often find themselves offering the same services as the competition. They then struggle to determine what makes their business unique. The most effective medical marketing campaigns set themselves apart from the competition and can prove any claims they make.

Without hesitation, can you state what makes your business unique?

It should be the mission of every business owner or marketer to be able to define their value proposition clearly. You can achieve this by understanding your business and the patients that you serve. Here are three tips to help make identifying your value proposition a little easier.

3 Tips for Identifying Your Value Proposition

Describe what makes you unique and how it will help the patient.

The first step is to understand what your patients want in a healthcare provider. This is an essential step in reaching and connecting with them. Depending on the services you offer, you may be able to identify something that your group is doing that is special and unique. Before any transaction, consumers consider how it will help them as individuals. Determine how your services will benefit them and share this your marketing messages. Avoid sending out blanket messages to everyone. You cannot serve everyone’s needs all the time. Instead, customize your marketing messages to target specific groups, which builds trust and encourages communication.

Don’t just tout your capabilities – prove them. Be authentic.

Anyone can say they are the best at something, but not everyone can prove it. If you make claims about being the best or most experienced, be prepared to back it up with data. If your success or patient satisfaction rates are better than others in the area, keep track of the data and then when you have compiled enough to show validity, use it in your marketing messages. Quantifying your success makes it more believable to others.

Know the competition

Keeping a pulse on the competition allows you to discover ways to differentiate your business to consumers. It also allows you to stay on top of innovations they are offering, so you don’t fall behind. Bridge any gaps left in your industry by understanding any underserved areas or services and then incorporating them into your business. You can find more information on performing a competitive analysis here.

The most successful marketing strategies consider the patient’s needs above all. If you understand your patient, your business, and your competition, you can identify a value proposition that is not only credible and unique but also relevant to your target audience.