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Marketing is an evolutionary process. What works for one business, may not work for another. Businesses must stay in tune to the hottest trends when it comes to successfully marketing their organization. As a medical marketing firm, finding and sharing the latest trends to help our clients succeed is a necessary part of the business. Here are five healthcare marketing trends for 2016 that your business is not going to want to overlook.  

Search Engine Optimization

As any business owner can attest to, being found online is priceless. Search engine optimization is a method for improving a website’s ranking. A whopping 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine and 100 billion searches are made online every day.

Consumers are searching for health information online and if your website is not showing up on the first page, it is likely to be ignored. Develop a strategy for how to improve your website rankings or hire a company to manage this for you. While it takes time, it is worth the effort.

Mobile Friendly Website

A website is an online extension of your practice. It is the first thing prospective patients see and should create a good impression. According to Global Web Index, 80% of internet users own a smartphone. More than 50% of today’s online searches are done through a mobile device such as a cellphone or tablet. Google has stressed the importance of having a website that is compatible with these platforms and optimized for mobile use. If your website is not mobile friendly, you not only run the risk of creating a negative online experience, you risk ranking well on Google.

Businesses are moving to responsive websites in order to remain competitive. Responsive medical websites provide optimal viewing on a variety of devices and screen sizes. This creates a positive experience for your website visitors.

Content Curation

One of the most effective ways to generate new traffic to your website is through the creation of new content that is relevant to your specialty. Each new blog or article you write is an additional opportunity for potential patients to find you, however, the content you create should be helpful rather than advertorial. It should serve a need or answer a question that the potential patient has. If 72% of internet users are searching online for health information, it is necessary to do what you can to assist in their search for information.

Use Testimonials

As consumers, we expect businesses to advertise how wonderful they are. However, when a patient shares a heart-warming story about their experience working with your organization, people respond. Find those stories and use them to share how your organization is better – but with subtlety. Let patients do the pitching for you. Prospective patients will appreciate how it resonates with their own situation.

Social Media Marketing

Social media has evolved into a place for not only communicating with patients, but also reviewing businesses and sharing experiences. According to Search Engine Watch, 90% of people surveyed from 18-24 years of age, said they would trust information shared by others on social media sites. Businesses should take advantage of this opportunity to connect and reach a larger audience. Social media is here to stay and knowing how to use it effectively is something every business owner should know.