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Just as each person is unique, so too is the type of marketing that resonates with and propels them to buy. Thankfully, there are guidelines for to help businesses successfully market across generations. Here are five tips to help you build your brand across generations for maximum effectiveness across all your marketing tactics.

Five Tips to Effectively Market Across Generations

  1. Understand your target demographic – Understanding your patient is crucial for effective marketing. If you are a pediatric practice, you are going to be most successful targeting mom’s in their 20s to 40s. They are the people most often making healthcare decisions for the kids. Along the same vein, women, in general, are the healthcare decisions makers for the entire family – so never ignore this important demographic.
  2. Consider content preferences – Different age groups and genders prefer to receive information differently. The 60 and up community prefer print, whereas 20 somethings prefer digital. This is an important consideration when choosing print versus digital marketing efforts.
  3. Mobile or desktop/laptop – For the past couple years consumers have been accessing information more frequently using mobile devices. This has been one of the big pushes towards the design of responsive medical websites. These specially designed sites ensure a more pleasurable viewing experience across a variety of viewing platforms. Hubspot recently published findings that our younger audiences are the consumers most heavily using mobile. Conversely, our 55 and older population prefer computers and laptops. Interestingly, tablets were the least preferred device for accessing information.
  4. Understand access preferences – When you create new content, it is essential that it be easily found, right? The most effective marketers understand their target market and share information in the places they prefer above all. Hubspot’s study found that our younger consumers are going to their Facebook feeds and Google for news. With only 19% accessing news from email newsletters. This is super important for marketers trying to reach this generation.
  5. Create content appropriately – We all agree that content is king, but only when delivered in a format that is engaging and in the form the audience prefers. Our younger viewers have a strong preference for video content. However, if you are trying to reach Generation X or Baby Boomers, you should create news articles, research reports, and email newsletters.

Marketing is an evolutionary process. It is ever changing. Your target audience’s preferences will change as they continue to age. Understanding their tastes now is essential to success. However, savvy business owners know they must continually evolve their marketing strategy to meet the changing needs of their audience.