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As the end of the year approaches it is time to reflect on your business’s successes and failures and plan for the coming year. Understanding what is working for other companies can help save time and money while often generating more significant returns. You should never take a one size fits all approach to marketing; however, some methods work for the majority and shouldn’t be ignored. The following four social media marketing tactics are some of the most important to consider for your 2019 marketing strategy.

  1. Include video – If you are not already using video as part of your content marketing and social media marketing strategy, 2019 is the time to start. Video content marketing continues to generate higher engagement rates than photos or text posts on social sites such as Facebook or Instagram.
  2. Consider creating groups – Facebook groups allow businesses to create unique groups that are relevant to a specific industry and ideal customer. They provide a safe place for like-minded people to share information and build community. As the group owner and moderator, you have control over what is allowed on the page, but be careful. Groups shouldn’t be a forum for boasting about how wonderful your business is. It should be about sharing information on topics that are relevant to the members of the group and encouraging them to share as well.
  3. The power of the story – Facebook and Instagram have launched “stories,” which allow page owners to upload, edit, and highlight specific content for 24 hours. Instagram uses filters, stickers and other tools to build more significant interest. Polls can easily be added as well to develop a better understanding of the interests and needs of fans and followers. The purpose of stories is to show a glimpse into a business’s real life. It is not supposed to be glamorous or polished. It should help build a brand by creating authenticity and understanding while increasing trust and a social media following.
  4. Hail the chatbot – Consumers want easy access to businesses. Direct messaging is one way of reaching the needs of consumers. Another is through chatbots. Chatbots can be easily added to websites and even social media pages. They allow consumers to communicate with businesses instantly. This opportunity for an immediate connection helps move the consumer from interest to intent.

Make 2019 the year your business takes social media engagement to new heights. Give consumers what they want, when they want it. Help move them along the buying process by providing information that empowers them to make smart purchasing decisions.