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A few years ago I received a call from my daughter’s pediatric dentist. We were very pleased with the quality of care received from the practice but had to switch to another provider due to insurance changes. Her dentist was calling to thank me for the kind words I listed on their exit survey (something we highly recommend for feedback purposes) and to find out if there is anything she could do to keep our business.

Immediately I was in awe that the dentist herself made the call. Phone calls made directly by a provider are a rarity these days. It meant so much to me because I know how busy she is. It made me feel like my daughter was important to them; therefore they took the time out of a busy schedule to call me. After a lovely phone conversation, I beamed with the knowledge that they will most certainly get referrals from me, and of course, my continued patronage.

Patient follow up shouldn’t just happen when one leaves the practice. It should be a regular part of your medical marketing strategy. Have staff call new patients to see if their expectations were met during their first visit. Surgery patients should be also be called to find out how they are recovering. Surgery follow-ups should be made by the medical provider whenever possible.

This is just a small example of how to inexpensively market to your patients. Medicine is now highly competitive, which means that you can’t afford to not take the time to make a phone call or send a letter to your patients. These two simple things can improve patient retention, the overall patient experience and generate additional patient referrals. If you do not take the time to implement these changes, someone else will. By staying ahead of the curve you will ensure practice growth and sustainability!