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The evolution of effective marketing continues to change and is now quite different from traditional marketing methods. Today, businesses must create a strong online presence to gain market share. Google has made it easier for businesses to boost their local search rankings with Google Places.

Google Places is a free online tool that allows business owners the ability to update and manage their online business listing. Savvy business marketers may already be familiar with this tool. What Google has changed is the way it ranks online searches. Google is now placing local businesses above national. This is important for medical practices because when a patient searches for ‘plastic surgeons’ they are now going to find their local plastic surgeons ranked above national plastic surgeons. This change allows local surgeons who previously did not rank well on google, rank above their national competitors who have a stronger online presence.

If you do not already have a Google Places listing, call 1-888-324-5559 or email today and we will walk you through the process of registering your business for free! There area lot of extras you can add to your listing to optimize your presence and click-through rates. We would be happy to show you these as well!