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Medical providers have an inherent responsibility to educate their patients. Outside of the exam room one of the most effective ways to achieve this is through medical blogging. Blogging not only provides information on health related topics, it is also an excellent way to generate new leads and patients. The challenge that many practices realize when launching a blog is the time investment. While writing a blog a week may not seem too difficult, it often proves challenging for even the most creative writers. Here are some tips to help make blogging less of a headache in the New Year.

  1. Create an editorial calendar to guide your writing. Editorial calendars can include a monthly theme for blog posts to alleviate rushing around at the last minute to find something to write about.
  2. Use your FAQ’s for content. All medical and dental practices as well as aesthetic centers have frequently asked questions. Use these common questions as a springboard for content. Take each question and write an approximate 300-word blog about it. Be sure to include keywords that link back to specific pages on your website.
  3. Ask the staff for help. Blogging is a representation of the entire practice, not just the physician. Your team can help determine topics to write about that you hadn’t considered. You may also uncover some hidden talent for writing. If so, let your skilled staff guest post monthly or quarterly.
  4. Don’t use your blog as a way to self promote. While it is important to talk about the practice and what makes it special, your blog should be written with the patient in mind. If you write about topics that are relevant to your industry but are important to your target audience, you will receive a warmer response from your readers. This is not to say that you cannot talk about new technology offered or new doctors added. This too is important, however it should not be your only blogging strategy.
  5. Once you write it, share it. Blogging is only effective if you have people reading your content. In order to get your content found it must be published in a variety of ways. This should include sharing it on your website, social media channels, article distribution sites and through email.

Blogging can be one of the best things you do for your practice, however it takes time and effort. Once you decide to add blogging as part of your medical marketing strategy, you should be committed to the process. If you need someone to help shoulder the responsibility of your practice’s Internet and social media marketing campaign, feel free to talk to us at MindStream Creative. We are here to make the process of educating patients and improving the patient experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible.