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One of the most effective ways to generate new website leads that turn prospects into patients is through video content.  Video content is attention getting. It has become more important for providers to add this essential content to their websites as consumers lean more heavily on the unwritten word. Your prospective patients lives are full and the amount of time they have to read your website content is getting smaller and smaller. If you provide them with valuable patient education information in the form of a video, you increase the likelihood that they will contact your office for more information or an appointment. You can also capture your patient’s testimonials on video by simply using a smartphone.

Candace Crowe, of Candace Crowe Designs based in Orlando, FL is an expert in creating patient education video content that gets results. Specializing in the aesthetics industry including plastic surgery and dermatology, her content helps providers gain an edge on the competition by providing prospective patients with engaging, informative procedural information. These valuable videos are can be accessed on the website, in the exam room during a consult and can even be transferred to the prospects smartphone or iPad.

According to Candace, some of the most effective videos that practices can make are simple direct-to-camera monologs. They can include surgeons and staff introductions, repurposed blog content and patient testimonials. For tips on how to shoot effective videos for your medical practice, read Candace’s blog by clicking here.

So the next time your patient shares their positive experience with you, pull out your smartphone and capture their testimonial on video (with their permission, of course). Be sure to include yourself in some of your video content as well and you will be on your way to improved search engine results and increased bookings.