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A marketing plan’s purpose is to attract new patients and retain old ones. An important component of a successful marketing strategy is social media and it is important to remember that marketing should not only be about your practice.

A prospective patient often searches the Internet for information. They want to find a practice that provides them with the exact information they need when they want it.  A growing practice follows the rule that marketing is not a one-man show. Your social media posts and blogs should share information about the practice and relevant information. For example, if you are a dentist, you should post about your practice specials but also include information about what types of foods are more likely to cause cavities.

To make your social media marketing plan effective, remember that it should be 20% about your practice and 80% about information that relates to the practice and educates the public. By following this 20/80 rule, you will build trust between you, the provider, and the patient, the consumer.

These three tips should help boost your marketing plan:

  1. Create blogs posts that include information about what the practice offers. Click to find out what to blog about.
  2. Create daily social media posts for your practice. This is a great opportunity inform your patients about specials and include education posts. Knowing what to post about and when to post is also very crucial.
  3. Hire a marketing firm that can create a social media package that creates a well-rounded marketing plan. Contact Mindstream Creative today!

It is not hard to implement a social media marketing plan. The problem that ensues is knowing how to market properly. By posting education information and blogging about relevant topics, the practice can reach those hard to reach demographics. If this task sounds daunting or if your practice needs an extra push, contact Mindstream Creative.