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In this age of medical marketing, it is important to change strategies and remain fluid to consistently grow a medical practice. One change that has occurred is the growing importance of using the internet to brand, educate and communicate with patients. Last week’s blog discussed getting found on the internet. If you missed this, it can be read here. While getting found is great, what medical practices really want is to get more patients! This week we are going to discuss how to transition website visitors into leads and eventually patients.

The best way to increase your website leads is through landing pages. Landing pages are custom web pages that have a distinct call to action. Calls to actions are one of the most important concepts used in the marketing and promotion of a business. It means establishing something your website visitors find valuable and then asking the visitor to take the next step. This can be as simple as “Contact Us,” “Call Now,” and “Click Here.” The beauty of landing pages is that they are designed for a specific audience (the one interested in the specific service, product or procedure you are offering).

To create a landing page, you must first have access to modify your website. You should then decide what offer you want to create. Remember, your visitors must find value in your offer to take the step being asked of them. Examples are:

  • Free Consultation
  • Contest Offers
  • Special Promotions

Make sure that your call to action is direct and simply stated. Do not over-complicate your offer with a lot of text. If you have them complete a form, be sure to keep it short and sweet.

Once you have created your landing page, it is time to publish it. You can do this via pay per click advertising, email marketing and social media sites. Once you have leads, it is important to take the data submitted and add it to your contact database. These leads are valuable! They are interested in you, so reach out to them while the iron is hot!

To convert a lead into a patient, your sales team needs to step in! It is important to create a campaign that nurtures each lead and drives them toward the action step you desire – becoming a patient. This can be achieved by setting up a series of email marketing campaigns designed to get results. Your sales team should also reach out to your leads over the phone, ultimately ending in scheduled appointments!

Connecting with your leads is an important part of the sales process. Yes, I said sales. Even medical practices have to sell these days! Patients have a choice and it is your job to educate them on why they should choose you. If you don’t someone else will and that means lost patient s and lost revenue. Challenge yourself and your staff to look at the marketing of your medical practice in a whole new light. Internet marketing is here to stay and is growing exponentially over traditional medical marketing.

If you do not have someone in your practice that can create custom landing pages and offers for you as well as create lead nurturing campaigns, consider MindStream Creative for the job. At MindStream Creative, our goal is to help you grow your business as efficiently and affordably as possible. Most of our clients marketing budgets decrease after hiring us to handle all of their marketing!

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