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Many patients do not realize they have the power when it comes to their healthcare. They play an important role in their healthcare successes and failures. Why then do many patients find it difficult to engage their providers? A recent study found that patients’ feel “being heard” is one of the most important traits they want in a provider. Similarly, medical providers often feel frustrated for different reasons. There are ways to strengthen the relationship between provider and patient. Here are some tips to help patients succeed in making their healthcare healthier. Patients want to be heard. They want to feel that their doctor has time to address their concerns. As a patient it is important to be shown respect. It is equally important that your questions are taken seriously by your healthcare provider. If you are not being treated properly, it is important to find another doctor.

A consumer reports study found that the biggest complaint reported by doctors about patients is non compliance. This affects the success or failure in a treatment plan. If you have a concern over the treatment recommended, tell your provider. An open line of communication is vital to the health of your relationship.

As healthcare changes, it is important for patients to become active participants in their healthcare planning. Keep track of your healthcare by logging prescriptions, tests performed and healthcare changes that may have occurred.

Be an informed consumer. Many medical providers are blogging to help patients sift through the inaccurate medical information that can often be found online. When researching online, be sure to utilize sites that are reputable and don’t diagnose yourself online. Leave that to the professionals.

If your medical provider has done a good job, tell them. Testimonials and thank you notes mean a lot to any business. Many patients are looking online for medical providers. It is important that patients take the time to share their opinion of providers. It helps not only the practice, but also the person looking for a new doctor!

Taking a proactive stance when it comes to medical care is important for patients. Medical providers are here to help. It is up to you to let them know what they can do to accomplish this.