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A practice can have a multitude of services offered without many patients knowing about them. The worst-case scenario is having a patient who has attended your practice for years without knowing that you offered other services that they visit competing doctors for. Point of care marketing involves marketing to patients where they are receiving care. This includes the waiting room, exam room, at check out, and more.

Here are three ways you can inform patients about services you offer.

1.    Newsletters

A typical practice has magazines lying on tables for patients to read during wait times so why not include the practice’s newsletters? While waiting, a patient will more likely pick up a newsletter that offers specials inside and inadvertently read about additional services offered in the practice.

2.    Looping slideshows

A television can be entertaining for patients waiting but so can a series of slideshows. Slideshows on the television should include information about services provided and any upcoming specials. Include an interactive slideshow so it does not appear repetitive. An example for a dental practice can include multiple-choice questions about foods that are harmful to tooth enamel.

3.    Informational Posters

Posters are a great addition to any practice. Advertise the products and services offered through hanging posters. They can be placed strategically in all rooms including waiting and consulting rooms. These posters will have your patients asking about specific things that only you, the doctor, can answer with great expertise.

Applying these three tips will inform your patients about all the services you have to offer. Have trouble carrying out these ideas? Contact Mindstream Creative for help.