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Businesses today depend on the internet for helping new customers find them. Healthcare businesses are just as dependent on the internet for reaching their target audience. Despite their desire to rank on the first page of search engine results, many business owners aren’t sure how best to achieve this. Many also don’t realize how important a marketing strategy this is. There is a vast quantity of information available on how best to improve web rankings, but the truth is, no one but the search engines can tell you exactly what to do (and they aren’t going to do that).

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a method of using a variety of tactics to rank at the top of search results organically. Organic ranking is different from paid search as it is earned, not bought. Search engines make regular updates to their search result algorithms to level the playing field. This provides businesses the chance to rank ahead of the competition rather than allowing larger companies with bigger marketing budgets to own the top placement on search engines.

Some people believe that SEO is something you set up and then sit back and watch. While it is important to set things up or optimize a website correctly, it is not a one and done scenario like many believe. An SEO marketing strategy is alive and must regularly be fed, or it will not survive. Eventually, businesses that are proactively updating their website will move up the ranks overtaking those who aren’t.

There are two main elements to any SEO campaign. The first is to make all of the content on a website easily accessible by search engine bots. This includes images, video and written content – both on the front end (onsite) and the back end (offsite). Everything should be appropriately tagged so the search engine bots know what the content is about and can quickly match it to relevant searches. The second element is providing a positive user experience. Useful information offered in a variety of formats is one of the best ways to do this. An easily navigable website is also essential. Google Webmaster Tools is a useful tool for understanding how people are interacting with a website.

Time and again, the most effective tactic for improving search ranking is through content marketing. Search engines prefer websites that are updated frequently and regularly. One of the easiest ways to do this is is by creating new content and uploading it to the businesses website regularly. We recommend businesses make updates to their website weekly or biweekly at a minimum.

A content marketing strategy is most effective when created in a variety of formats. Blogs and articles are trusted sources of information, as are video and podcasts. Taking the time to optimize and maintain a website appropriately can make a significant impact on search results. The process takes time but is well worth the effort when it brings in new patients or customers.

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