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There are many different ways to communicate a message to a patient or prospective patient. I find the most successful messages are those that resonate with your consumer. Medical marketing today is not just getting patients to buy things. You must connect with your patients on a deeper level and prove that you are deserving of their loyalty. Branding your practice in a way that deepens the bond between patient and provider, increase patient satisfaction and patient referrals.

A local multi-location hospital system is doing just that through their radio and print campaigns. Each ad tells the personal story of a patient and how the hospital made a difference in their life. The story is then continued on the hospitals website. The story piques the consumers interest and this emotional response drives them to take the time to visit their website to find out how the story ends. The increased web traffic helps with search engine ranking and helps consumers become better aware of the scope of services offered at this hospital system.


Personally, I have had great success using similar methods when promoting medical practices. By telling a story, you bring consumers full circle and then, when done properly, motivate them to take the step you ask. This enhances consumer awareness, heightens an emotional connection with the facility and will lead to increased revenue.

How do you know if you are emotionally connecting with your consumers? Ask yourself, does my campaign elicit an emotional response in me? If it doesn’t, give us a call at (919) 449-6591. We would be honored to help!