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Your facility has a “Back to School”event coming up. You’ll be given school/sports physicals, immunizations, and you’ve even decided to add some fun events into the day for the children. But if you’re simply relying on a newspaper or television ad to get the word out there, you’ve only conquered 29% of the battle.

Twenty-nine percent may seem like a strange number but it’s actually the truth. Don’t worry, you can remedy this situation before your big event comes. You can tackle the majority of your problems by looking internally. For instance, is your signage up to par? Do you have pamphlets or reading materials to hand out to your patients? If you have lighted signs outside your building, have you advertised your upcoming event on these signs?

Point of Care medical marketing entails going beyond just TV and newspaper advertising, and marketing where your customers are more likely to see advertisements, in your established business. Consider these methods of marketing:

  • Place pamphlets on your check-in and check-out desks. Patients can take them and read them when they’re waiting to see the provider
  • If you have TVs in your waiting areas, consider creating custom video ads highlighting the features that your practice offers.
  • Special TV screens can also be used to advertise and educate while your patients are waiting. This is a great way to let patients know the full breadth of services offered while alerting them to special events and even provider delays.
  • Place full-color poster ads of your event where next to your TVs. Also, while patients are waiting, place ads in your exam rooms, on doors, next to scales, and anywhere a patient is likely to go

If you’re an inpatient facility and have a discharge rep, you can have this person discuss upcoming events with a patient and hand them printed materials upon being discharged. The more information a patient has and the more ways you advertise, the more likely you’ll have the desired results you seek at your event.

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