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Being average is boring. The most exciting things in life are extraordinary. The same can be said for business offerings. Most consumers choose to do business with companies that are unique in some way, shape, or form. 

When all things are equal, defining how your business is different or better is critical. That’s a remarkable difference. Your remarkable difference is the special sauce of why a customer should choose you over another. Here are five tactics for cultivating your remarkable difference so you can stand out in a competitive marketplace.

  1. Brainstorm. Consider your business, your service/product offerings, and how you take care of your clients or customers. What services do you perform exceptionally well? What do your customers rave about when explaining their experience? For what are you known? What can you confidently say that you do better than anyone else? Anyone can say they do the best work at something, but how do you prove this? If you can’t prove it, it isn’t a remarkable difference, at least yet. Ask your employees what customers tell them they like about the business. Put pen to paper and write down these answers.
  2. Identify your passions. What do you love doing above all else in your line of work? If you had to focus on a particular area of your business, what would it be? Your job should be something that ignites passion. If you are enthusiastic about a specific area of your business, your work will be exceptional. While you may be good at many things, defining your bests will help customers quickly understand why to choose you. What does your company stand for? This may include elements of your company values and mission statement.
  3. Know the competition. Many businesses know who their competitors are but don’t know what they are doing well or poorly. A competitive analysis allows you to understand your competitors, their strengths and weaknesses, service offerings, and reputation within your community. This information is critically helpful when defining your remarkable difference. Remember, you don’t want to be average. You want to be exceptional. The only way to achieve this is by stepping outside the norm. 
  4. Put it down. Take all of the information you gleaned while completing the first three tactics and determine if you have enough information to pull at least one remarkable difference. If you do, great. Put it down on paper, computer, your wall. Make it your mantra. If you don’t, it is okay. Sometimes it can be challenging to identify unique details when you are inside the business. In this case, hiring an outside marketing consultant can be beneficial. They can look at your business objectively. 
  5. Shout it from the rooftops. Once you have established your remarkable difference, share it with the world. Your employees should understand this difference and make it known through their actions. Remember, the proof is in the pudding. If you design the best kitchens in your community, back it up with testimonials and before and afters. If you have the most experience in your area of expertise, prove it. When you talk about your company, whether in marketing communications, networking events, or with the general public, be sure to share this difference. Let your referral partners know what makes your business unique so they can share it with the world. 

Marketing can be intimidating to many. Taking the time to understand your passions and the perception people have about your company can help you better communicate how you are unique. Remember, it doesn’t always come down to price. Most people want the best. Identify your remarkable difference and share it.