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Storytelling is an art and a science. The best stories are the ones that transport the reader to a different place and time. They allow the reader to visualize themselves amongst the characters because the storyline is so detailed they envision themselves there. A good story makes you feel something for the characters – whether good or bad. It makes you think and triggers an emotional response from you that pulls you in further.

Healthcare content marketing is very much the same. Good storytelling provides your organization with the ability to stand out and spread the word, all while making a change. You cannot simply spew information about a specific topic. Your content must resonate with the reader in order to build trust. The best way to do this is to bring them into the story. Help them envision how your practice/product/service or procedure will improve their life.

Content Marketing is Good for the Memory

A good story is memorable. By using storytelling in your content marketing strategy, you can help the reader understand and remember more about your business and how your services can help them feel better. By eliciting an emotional response with your readers, you have a greater likelihood of converting them to patients.

Authentic Storytelling

Social media has transformed the way information is shared. Status updates allow people to share what’s happening in their lives in short snippets of text, in pictures and in video. While that works for the average person, businesses must do more to connect with people and earn their trust.

For businesses to succeed, they must become excellent storytellers. However, not just any story will do. They must tell authentic stories. Case studies, video testimonials and articles are only a few of the many ways a business can share their story.

Consider Airbnb, a company that allows homeowners to rent their homes or part of their homes online. The uncertainty that comes from renting a person’s home can be enough for some people to stick with hotels. AirbnB combats this by providing each homeowner a platform to tell their story. This helps prospective renters feel more comfortable and confident about moving forward and has made Airbnb a huge success.

While good stories may appear to be hard to find, they are out there. Your story isn’t limited to why you became a medical provider or decided to open a surgical center. Consider including patient stories in your content marketing strategy. The stories of everyday people that are actual patients can be a very powerful part of your healthcare content marketing strategy.

Help people connect in a more profound way with your business. Get creative. Think outside the box. Find your story and share it with the world.