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Medical marketing can seem overwhelming at times but can be made easier by streamlining your medical marketing efforts. To make marketing efforts easier, a practice can develop a marketing plan and conduct a marketing analysis.

1.    Conduct a Marketing Analysis

A marketing analysis will help determine if your marketing efforts are effective and if anything needs to be changed or added. If you have a marketing strategy that isn’t producing the right results, the practice can either eliminate it or let it run for a few more months before reanalyzing it.

Here are some tips to help conduct an efficient marketing analysis

ROI is used to measure the effectiveness of your marketing strategy.

2.    Develop a Marketing Plan

A medical marketing plan helps a practice manage their marketing and budget. It is a strategy that calculates the projected growth, budget costs and how the budget will be used.

It is very important to stick to a marketing plan. Many clients receive calls daily from solicitors who have a “wonderful” marketing idea for the practice. By having a plan, the practice is less likely to fall for a marketing scheme not part of the budget.

Marketing plans include marketing costs (how much money you are spending to attract patients) and employee and practice management costs. It is important to know what demographics live around your practice and who the ideal patient is. By knowing this key information, marketing strategies can be tailored to them.

It is also important to stick to a marketing calendar. This calendar will keep you from diverting from your plan and will help you remain on track with what was initially planned for the year.

Example of a marketing plan:


1. Social media management

  • What social media accounts will you be using?
  • How many social media posts will be going out each day?
  • How many social media posts will be posted a week?
  • Will you post on weekends?

2. Blog writing and publishing

  • How often will you writ a blog to keep your website updated?
  • What topics will you be discussing in your blogs?


1. Monthly promotions

  • What promotions are you considering for the month?
  • How much money will it cost you to offer a discount (think ROI)?
  • Will you attract more patients?

2. Addition of testimonials

  • If you obtained any testimonials from patients, add them to your website.

3. Assessing marketing strategies

  • Did your marketing plan achieve the goal for this month?
  • What can you do to improve over the prior month?

MindStream Creative clients are pleased to discover that at the end of the year they had spent less money in marketing and grew their practice while working with us. Contact MindStream Creative today for help implementing and conducting a marketing analysis.