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Color evokes an emotional response within people. In healthcare, the colors used in marketing and branding can give a patient confidence or make them feel at edge. Studies have shown that color can influence 60-80% of a customer’s buying decision. Studies also show that color is the first thing a consumer notices about a logo.

For marketing to be most effective, it is imperative that businesses understand the buying behaviors of patients and how color affects their decisions to buy or not. There is a psychology of color and Marketo. Research has defined how different colors make buyers feel. Consider the color black; while its versatility makes it a popular choice for businesses, it is considered to be an unpopular choice for healthcare. The same is true for the color red, which evokes a visceral response that actually increases the viewers’ heart rate, something not necessarily desired in a healthcare setting.

So, what is the best color choice for healthcare? The most popular color choices for healthcare according to Marketo are blue, white, orange and purple. At MindStream Creative, we also feel the color green is an excellent choice for healthcare companies to incorporate into their marketing. The following shows a breakdown of how each of these colors makes the average viewer feel.
color use in medical marketing mindstream creative

Keep in mind that it is okay and often preferred to use multiple complimentary colors in a logo. Instead of going for a single color, consider adding other colors to create a more dynamic and engaging brand that stands apart from the competition.

By pairing strategic color choices with well-chosen text and imagery, healthcare organizations will find that their medical marketing messages are better understood and remembered by all who encounter them.