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In the pursuit of business success, healthcare providers and medical group owners hire marketing professionals to generate new business and boost their presence online and within the community. The time and money invested into such endeavors only come to fruition if certain foundational elements are already running smoothly. Great doctors realize this and ensure kinks are worked out before pitching to the community. Here are three healthcare mistakes great providers never make.

  1. Avoid Eye Contact – One of the best ways to connect with patients and allow them to feel heard is through eye contact. One of the most notorious eye contact killers is an EHR. Avoid letting a computer or tablet keep you from making eye contact with patients during their exam. They have reserved this time to meet with you. Show them you value their time and trust by giving them your undivided attention. Ensure your staff is making eye contact too.
  2. Delete Negative Comments – No one likes negative feedback. It is embarrassing, especially when made in a public forum. While your first instinct may be to delete the comment or ignore it, especially if it is untrue, don’t. It is better to leave negative comments and respond to them appropriately and professionally. Use the feedback as an opportunity to learn and improve. Sometimes people feel the only way they can get a resolution to their problem is by publicly sharing what happened. In your response, apologize for their experience and let them know you will make every effort to correct the problem in the future. This gives them peace of mind, knowing their experience made an impact and is being taken seriously.
  3. Letting Employees Treat Patients Poorly – The second biggest medical practice killer is a lousy employee (a lousy doctor is the first). While bad employees can happen, allowing their actions to remain unchecked is a business death sentence. Your employees are an extension of you. They should treat patients with the same respect and kindness as you. Hold employees to the same standards. Create a workplace code of conduct and enforce it.

A medical practice has many moving parts, but can quickly blossom into a booming business by taking the time to avoid the three healthcare mistakes mentioned above. If your focus is on marketing and not strengthening your foundation, pause and consider the ramifications. Invest in your practice, ensure its health and then share it with the world. Your investments will reap much more significant gains for doing so.