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The patient experience is one that can propel a medical practice towards success or can be its downfall. It is virtually impossible to maintain a perfect patient satisfaction rating; however practices should strive towards it.

Online business listing sites such as Google, Angie’s List and RateMDs have made it easy for both satisfied and dissatisfied customers to share their experience. While this may be a source of apprehension for businesses, it should not prevent them from expanding their medical marketing strategy online.

Negative patient reviews are uncommon with the vast majority of all reviews posted online being positive. When one does happen, however, it can be devastating to the practice if not managed carefully and swiftly.

Most negative reviews do not come out of the blue. They are sparked by an incident that may have been isolated or recurring. If it is a recurring problem, it is vital to take measures to remedy it. Sit down and talk with the staff about any changes planned to improve the patients’ experience.

If a negative review is found, resist the urge to delete it. Instead take a deep breath and try to understand the review from the patient’s perspective. Promptly address the review in a warm, courteous tone and apologize for the poor experience they had. Offer a solution and let them know that you are taking measures to ensure their next experience is a positive one.

Negative reviews do not have to be a blemish to your online reputation. If handled properly and promptly, many patients will remove their negative review. So encourage patients to share their experience online. Need help managing your practices online reputation? Give MindStream Creative a call to discuss how we can help monitor your practices online reputation.