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If you want a great medical practice, you must have employees that care.

A recent Gallup report revealed that more than 70 percent of employees are disengaged at work. This means they are not invested in what you are doing as an organization, or to put bluntly, they just don’t care. This blasé attitude can mean significant trouble for the doctor trying to create a superior patient experience.

Employee engagement is vital to any medical marketing and growth strategy. Yet, much focus is devoted to improving the patient experience. Consideration for improving employee engagement and satisfaction seems to be an afterthought.

The need to be recognized and rewarded for our efforts is deeply rooted in most people. While some organizations have implemented strategies to meet this need, many fall short. This is often because the programs utilized are missing the mark on what is truly needed or appreciated by the employee.

Tips for Improving Employee Engagement

According to a recent study, being recognized in front of peers (68%) is more important than receiving bonuses (63%) or promotions (59%). Wellness programs are also gaining momentum as employers develop initiatives to lower absenteeism and healthcare costs, while attracting top talent. Wellness programs also help lower workplace stress, which is the biggest health obstacle employees face.

Communication is another area where healthcare organizations can improve employee satisfaction. Due to the demanding nature of healthcare, effective communication is often put on the back burner. This report found that when employees felt their workplace had open communication, clear expectations and opportunities to provide input, they were more engaged (77%).

When choosing how best to recognize and reward employees, consider the company culture. Benefits should reflect the type of people you employ. By capturing their essence, you can attract and retain top talent, which in turn, will help your healthcare organization flourish.

Your medical practice is truly only as strong as your weakest employee. By investing in their future, employee engagement will surge and your patients will reap the benefit of a healthier and happier doctor’s office.