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Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis (LASIK) has evolved into a common and predominately, successful procedure enjoyed by millions of people annually. As with many areas of medicine, there are occasional stories of adverse outcomes reported in the media. Negative outcomes, however, are the minority. To maximize the chances of having a positive outcome, potential patients must do their homework and thoroughly research LASIK surgeons. Physicians must also perform adequate practice branding and marketing to ensure the community is aware of the treatment options available at their practice. 

Amanda Carey of Raleigh wasn’t convinced that LASIK was the best option for her. “I had visited LASIK centers before and was told that I could have the procedure, but that the glare and halos I was already experiencing may worsen. I then visited Dr. Kiley at Raleigh Eye Center and was informed about a special piece of technology unique to their practice, which would most likely not worsen my glare and halos.”

“Every eye is different and as such, outcomes vary from person to person”, said Dr. James Kiley, LASIK surgeon and co-founder of Raleigh Eye Center. “The technology used successfully on one patient, may not be the best for another due to their unique eye needs. Variety is a good thing and a surgeon offering more than one option to their patients is ideal. Medicine in general comes with its fair share of risks. However, it is up to the surgeon to ensure the patient is made aware of any potential risks. The patient then must acknowledge the risks associated with having the procedure and determine if they want to move forward,” said Dr. James Kiley.

Surgeon experience can weigh heavily on a patients’ outcome. According to online resource, All About Vision, you should check potential surgeon’s credentials to verify they are board certified. Additionally, you should inquire about their specific complication rates. You should also find out your specific complication rate based upon your unique eye and general health situation. Finally, beware of bargain centers. “Your eyes are not something that you should bargain for. It is often the case that the advertised price is not what you actually end up paying when comparing apples to apples” says Kelley Malin of Raleigh Eye Center.

LASIK is a rewarding procedure that has improved the lives of millions across the globe. “Having LASIK is hands down, the best thing I have ever done. I only wish I had it done sooner” says Carey. By taking the time to thoroughly research potential LASIK surgeons and technology they utilize, the potential for success grows exponentially.