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The patient experience has become the cornerstone for medical practice and facility growth. Without positive patient experiences a medical practice risks negative reviews and declining revenue. A positive patient experience however, is tied to professionalism as it motivates clinicians to take extra steps on behalf of their patients. This is how a practice grows.

Providers are actively engaging consultants to help them develop programs to improve the patient experience. Many hospitals are transforming their facilities from sterile and clinical to one that is more welcoming. They are achieving this by adding plants and comfortable seating in the waiting area and patient rooms. For children’s hospitals, they are creating an oasis for children to escape to. This removes them from the scary place they previously knew.

WOW experiences however, are not just about the environment. They are also strongly tied to the experience patients have with the practice’s staff. Before the patient has even set foot in the office, their experience and impression of the office has begun. WOW experiences are about surprise. They are about going above and beyond what is expected or typical.

The majority of negative reviews are about the management of the practice and not the doctor. That is why it is imperative for medical practices to get the entire team on board. Employees should be recognized for creating WOW moments. Staff should be encouraged to share ideas on how to create more WOW patient experiences. When possible, the ideas generated should be incorporated into the practice.

Once the path is set toward improving the patient experience, practices should measure its’ efficacy. This can be achieved several ways. One of the most effective is through medical mystery shopping programs, which help practices better understand how the facility is viewed through the eyes of the patient. Another method is through patient surveys. The trick is to make the survey as simple as possible. People are busier than ever and are more likely to take the time to share their opinion if the survey is as short and painless as possible. The feedback generated by either approach should be actively used for improvement purposes.

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