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As medical marketing evolves it is more important than ever to provide targeted marketing to both prospective and existing patients. It is even more important to satisfy patients’ needs in order to effectively grow. Patients have a choice and it is important to recognize and reward their loyalty and referrals. One of the most effective ways to improve patient loyalty is through patient loyalty reward programs.

Patient loyalty programs allow a medical practice or facility to monetize their existing patient base. They encourage patients to stay in-house for services offered by the facility. Patients that consistently visit your practice for a service are more likely to recommend the same services to friends and family. Loyal patients are one of the biggest secrets to growing a medical practice.

A good service experience is all it takes to win a new patient over but a loyalty program may motivate them to keep visiting and to share your practice with others.

Some Examples of Patient Loyalty Programs are:

Patient referral programs
Whenever a patient refers another person to your practice, they can earn points towards a set list of services. For example, if patient refers a friend or family to a medical spa, they receive points towards a medical skin care product line or procedure.

VIP Discount Card
Many medical practices sell products that relate to their specialty, however patients are often leery to buy from the practice due to a perceived higher cost. Why pay $20 at the doctors, when I can get it at the store or online for $10? A great way to combat this is to have a VIP card for loyal patients. After a certain number of visits or purchases, a patient will receive a percentage off their next visit or purchase. For example, an optometric practice can reward patients for spending $200 or more on contact lenses by giving a 20% off savings on their next exam or lens purchase. This works great with all medical facilities that sell ancillary products and services such as dermatologists, medical spas and plastic surgery centers.

A patient loyalty program should only be implemented if it can be carried out successfully. Perform research to determine what amenities your patients would find attractive and want to participate in. Once you have implemented a program, it should be advertised to your patients.

If a patient loyalty program is something you want to start but do not have the time and resources to manage, Mindstream Creative can help. Our patient loyalty rewards programs can help your practice grow.