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Staying relevant on the Internet is not hard but it is time consuming. Previous blog posts have extensively gone into depth about how to stay relevant. These include using blog posts. From keywords to content, blogs are important for medical practices. So now that you know what a blog is and how to use it effectively, every practice needs to know what to blog about. After all, a plastic surgeon is not going to blog about LASIK surgery.

Here are five things to blog about in healthcare.

1.    Frequently Asked Questions

If you notice that many patients are asking similar questions, blog about the questions and answers. This is a great way of educating your patients while also answering questions some patients may be too shy to ask.

2.    Specials and Events

Blog about specials and events you are having. This is a no cost alternative to advertising in newspapers and on the radio.

3.    News

Has your practice done something that is ground breaking? Perhaps something that makes it stand out from every other practice? Write about it. Post press releases on your blogs too.  This is a great way of letting patients know your achievements in healthcare and impacts on the community.

4.    Trends in Healthcare

Discussing trends in healthcare engages patients. Is there a new healthcare reform that affects doctors and patients? Blog your opinion about it and find out what your patients think.

5.    Patient Reviews/ Testimonials

It is okay to ask a patient for a testimonial. Click here to learn how ask and use a testimonial

Blogging is an easy way to stay relevant but knowing what to blog about is crucial to building a reputation on the Internet. Be the doctor who knows exactly what he or she is talking about.