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As Thanksgiving approaches, our thoughts turn to gratitude. There are many things to be grateful for within the medical industry. The top of the list, however, should go to the patient.

The newly competitive nature of the medical industry has required that medical practices change tactics to stay afloat and gain market share. It is important that all medical providers and their staff let each patient know that they are valued and important to the practice. Gratitude should be communicated not only now, but all year long.

What Can You Do To Show Gratitude?

A simple thank you means a lot to a patient. Patients know medical providers are busy. That is why it is so important to take a moment to share gratitude with each patient!

Holiday Cards?

It is common for medical providers to receive holiday cards from their vendors. Medical practices should use this tactic as well and send holiday cards to each of their patients. Have a custom card made for you, or even better, add some fun pictures of the staff to the card. By personalizing the card, medical providers help deepen the bond between the patient and the practice. Building strong relationships is the key to success.

At MindStream Creative, we also suggest that medical providers send personal thank you notes to their patients after surgery or elective treatments are performed.

“I was so surprised when I received a card from my doctor after my hand surgery, says Laura Burke of Raleigh. The fact that it was handwritten meant even more.”

By taking the time each day to let patients know they are appreciated, medical providers acknowledge that they have a choice when it comes to medical care. Patients are more savvy and involved in their healthcare planning. This simple proactive step can truly make a difference in the lives of your patients and the life of your practice!