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When you create a brand for your practice, it is important to market it so people choose it over the competition. One way to strengthen your brand is to start viewing your employees as your brand advocates.

An employee advocate is someone that promotes your practice and is comfortable talking to patients. It is important to find ways that your employees can help market your brand. An engaged employee will market your brand better than one who is not. Click on this link to find out how to engage employees.

Here are three reasons why employee advocates are good for your practice.

1.    Employee advocates will engage patients

Many potential patients make decisions by conducting research online and also by talking to friends and family.  If an existing patient has a wonderful experience at your practice, they are more likely to recommend your practice to others. It is like a domino effect when you consider the fact that if a patient was engaged by your employee advocate, then that engaged patient will tell his or her friends and families and engage them.

2.    Employee advocates communicate better with patients

Your patients make first contact with your employees on the phone or in person. An employee advocate is able to hold a conversation with a patient to find out more about them and make them comfortable. These employees can provide information about you that can help better take care of a patient.

3.    Employee advocates can use information about patients to better services

Since employee advocates communicate with patients effectively, they are able to uncover additional services and products that you can offer to your patients. An employee working in a dermatologist office can find out more information about a patient just by asking questions that pertain to their lifestyles and eating habit.

An employee advocate can make a big difference in your practice but you have to make sure they are engaged. These advocates have the uncanny power of converting first time patients into regular ones. If you are not sure how to do this, contact Mindstream Creative today.