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The first impression of your practice is typically not the first time a new patient sees the building but when the patient calls in to request an appointment. The tone in which an employee talks to patients can either drive away or pull a patient in. Your employees’ satisfaction becomes the lifeblood of the practice. The sole reason your practice thrives or dies.

There are many things to do to keep employees happy but here are three top tips to consider.

1.    Engage your employees

If it takes a whole village to raise a child, shouldn’t it take a whole staff to grow a practice? Engage your employees in decisions you are about to make. Have weekly group and individual employee meetings to find out more about your employees. By doing this, you will build a stronger relationships with your employees who can give valuable tips for the practice.

2.    Give your Employees Lunch Beaks

Some practices close during lunch while others stay open. If your practice stays open, you must realize that making your staff work eight hours without a break can be tiring and will reflect on their faces and actions. If you have to leave your practice open to answer calls and walk-ins, stagger the breaks. Allow for part of your staff to take the first break and the remaining group to take the second break. This way your practice remains open and employees are happy.

3.    Team Bonding

Your employees, along with you, are a team trying to grow a practice, so why not have team bonding events? Examples include volunteering together, field trips and sport activities. A number of people might not want to participate in it so do not force it.  Some employees have more important obligations and families to take care of. Instead suggest a barbeque. Ask your staff to invite their family to make it more fun and appealing.

Always remember that your employees are the face of your practice. Keeping them happy will help your practice grow and retain patients. Need more ideas to satisfy employees? Contact Mindstream Creative today!