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The health care marketing evolution has become quite sophisticated. Patients are more involved than ever before in their health care planning and as such, have become more refined in their physician selection process. In order to engage this new generation of consumers, healthcare organizations must develop strategies that maximize patient connection opportunities. Here are some health care marketing trends for 2015 that accomplish this:

Brand Strengthening

Health care consumers’ choices are affected by the brands that surround them. In order to compete, organizations must develop and strengthen their unique brand. Instead of presenting information in a one-size-fits-all approach, customize messaging for different groups. Build content that resonates with each group and facilitates a deepened brand association. Keep your content real and engaging. Tell real-life stories from the practices or patients’ perspective and share this information in all marketing efforts, including email and social media marketing.

Social Media on Steroids

Social media marketing provides a great way to share information, build brand recognition, communicate and keep abreast of the competition. Depending on the organizations’ specialty, the type of social media that works best can vary. The most popular sites for the health care industry include: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Linked In. Google+ is also a wonderful site because the posts created show up high on Google’s search engine. This provides another way to get found by potential patients.

When using social media it is vital to share content that fans and followers respond to. By staying on top of engagement levels, practices can build excitement about posts rather than boredom. Bear in mind that some specialties’ target demographic are more engaging in social media than others. Try to find the sweet spot that generates interest and conversation and share this type of information as often as possible.

Get Creative with Content

In today’s busy society, it can be difficult to sit down and read a lengthy blog. Find new and creative ways to share the same content with your fans and followers. Create “homemade” videos where a staff member shares information about a specific topic, product or procedure and share it online. These videos not only provide a great way for viewers to get to know the staff and organization, they boost search engine ranking.