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A conscious consumer is someone who is critically aware of his or her decisions pertaining to goods and services. As the demand for health care increases, patients need to make more conscious decisions. Doctors can help encourage patients to be conscious consumers by providing information that helps them make the right choices and encourage healthier lifestyles.

The best way to encourage patients to be conscious consumers is to provide information. A conscious consumer conducts research about many practices before choosing one. They also do their homework with regards to medical illnesses and general concerns. If you want to be the practice that everyone chooses, it is important to provide solid information for both patients and prospective patients.

Here are three strategies to help encourage your patients to be conscious consumers.

1.    Write a Blog

A blog is a great way of putting accessible information on the Internet for patients. Blog topics should include frequently asked questions, news and trends in healthcare as well as patient reviews/testimonials. After a while, your regular blogging will build a database that your patients can easily refer to.

2.    Encourage them to ask questions

This is not an easy task however the Ask Me 3 questions help to break the ice.

1. What is my main problem?

2. What do I need to do about it?

3. Why is it important for me to do this?

Let your patients know that they can reach you through email or the phone if they have any questions that they cannot think of during the examination. Another way to encourage them to ask questions is by providing a sheet of paper with a list of commonly asked questions with answers to them. This sheet of paper is tailored to the specific health issue.

3.    Send newsletters

Newsletters are a great form of communication with patients. They can be sent through regular mail, email and uploaded onto your practice website. Newsletters can feature procedures performed as well as information about health concerns and treatment tips pertinent to your patients.

A conscious consumer makes the best decisions because they are informed and have considered alternatives. Encourage your patients to be more active in their healthcare planning by being a purveyor of information. If you need assistance getting started, contact Mindstream Creative.