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An effective medical marketing campaign begins with a purpose and ends with a new patient. The process between these two points can be confusing especially with the evolution towards internet marketing. Our last two blogs showcased what you can do as a medical provider to increase your online presence and boost website visits. This week we will tackle the final fundamental step to effective internet marketing – closing the marketing loop.

Whenever engaging in marketing it is important to track your efforts so you can make smart marketing decisions. By tracking and reporting the performance of a marketing campaign, you can measure its efficacy and make changes as needed to the campaign. It is important to utilize website analytics and closed-loop marketing to drive patients into your practice and not just onto and then off of your website.

Closed-loop marketing allows businesses to communicate with website leads based upon the unique actions performed on a website. For this to work, you must have the ability to see where your visitors are coming from and then tracking these visitors over time. For example, if visitors are repeatedly going to a specific page on your website but are not calling the practice or completing a form, a new call to action is needed on that page. By knowing that the visitor is interested in a particular service, product or procedure you can construct a call to action unique to their interests. This increases the likelihood of converting them into a lead and eventually a patient. It allows you to help the prospective patient move up the decision ladder and increases the likelihood that when they are ready to schedule an appointment, they call your office.

This is great, if you know where to go to find this kind of information. Google provides website analytics, however, my clients find the information difficult to disseminate and challenging to organize. There is also no way for you to import your leads into Google analytics software.

So what is a medical practice to do? At MindStream Creative, each of our inbound marketing clients websites are migrated onto unique software that help them get found online, convert visitors into leads and turn leads into patients. It also provides the analytics needed to make sound marketing decisions. The software we use eliminates the need to go from one program to the next and compiles all of your data into one place.

If you already have or are in the process of implementing an inbound or internet marketing strategy, consider how you are going to close the marketing loop. How are you going to track website visitors? How are you going to create compelling content at a moment’s notice to meet the needs of your visitors? How are you going to optimize your site internally? Do you have the manpower to do this? Do you have the technology to do this?

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