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The people you have working in the front office of your practice have a very important job. These key staff members can transform the patient experience. They are the first people your patients talk to when calling to make an appointment. They are the first people your patients meet when entering the office. And they are the last people your patients see after an appointment. By working the front lines of your office, these key staff members can mean the difference between a positive patient experience and a negative one.

What kind of impression do your patients have when calling or visiting your office? Many providers think their staff members are providing good customer service, but aren’t sure. This can be very dangerous for a medical practice that wants to grow.

If your team is not providing exceptional patient care and courtesy at each and every patient encounter, improvements must be made immediately. You could be the best physician in the world; however, if your patients do not feel that they are treated well by your staff, they may go elsewhere.

That is exactly what happened to Stephanie Johnson of Raleigh. A family friend of an Ob-Gyn, she felt compelled to find another provider when she became pregnant with her first child. “Even though the doctor was phenomenal, I wouldn’t take a chance on my prenatal care with her subpar staff,” said Stephanie.

To get an accurate insight into the patient experience, a medical mystery shop should be performed. Mystery shopping allows you to see your practice through the eyes of a patient. During a mystery shop assessment, your practice is evaluated in many key areas. The findings are then reported so improvements can be made.

Once you have mystery shopped your practice, it is crucial that you survey patients regularly. This allows you to continue to make improvements as warranted on an ongoing basis. Patient surveys let your patients know that you care.

The last thing you want to do is lose a patient to a negative experience. Get a better understanding of how your patients are treated today. It is a crucial step in any medical marketing campaign.