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It all comes down to experience.

No matter what service your company provides, if the experience is lacking, your business will suffer for it. 

Delivering WOW experiences should be the goal of every business owner. They are strongly tied to the experience people have with the business, regardless of the type. In businesses such as healthcare and dentistry, the first impression is often made before they walk through the door for their appointment. The patient experience begins when they first call the office to ask questions or schedule an appointment. 

WOW experiences are about the surprise. They are about going above and beyond what is expected or typical. Humans love attention. We need to feel important. In healthcare, we need to feel nurtured and loved. Nothing can make or break the experience one has with a business as receiving poor quality of care. 

The majority of negative reviews are about the management of the business and not the provider. That is why it is imperative for healthcare organizations to get the entire team on board. Employees should be recognized for creating WOW moments. Staff should be encouraged to share ideas on how to create more WOW patient experiences. Whenever possible, the ideas generated should be incorporated into the business. 

Here are five tips you can start today to help generate more WOW patient experiences in your business:

  1. Take the extra time to make eye contact. Dentists, get on your patient’s level and talk to them BEFORE you sit above them to do the exam. Look patients in the eye. Doctors, don’t stand over patients who are on the examination table and try to engage them. If your practice is one that requires the patient to undress, take the time to talk to them in greater detail when they are fully clothed so they feel less vulnerable. Perhaps have them meet you in your office after they finish dressing.
  2. Address each patient by their name whenever possible. 
  3. Smile. Have you ever felt a smile over the phone? It works. Even if you are having a rough day, put a smile on your face and recognize how it warms the conversation. Whether on the phone or face to face, a smile is priceless. Make them part of your practice.
  4. Ask patients how they feel and listen to them intently when they answer. Deliver solutions whenever possible within the scope of your expertise.
  5. Be accessible to patients. Patients often forget the questions they meant to ask during their appointment. Offer a way for them to get into contact with you outside of their appointment. It may seem arbitrary, but having a phone call with a healthcare provider is special and uncommon. Be unique and stand out to your patients by providing greater access.  

Growing and marketing a medical or dental practice means going the extra mile and doing the things others don’t have time for. Ensure all patient encounters are WOW patient experiences and never settle for less. Patient satisfaction or bust!