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As medical marketing evolves it is more important than ever to provide targeted marketing to both prospective and existing patients.

Take a step back and let that thought sit.

Practices often become preoccupied with attracting new patients either through advertising in print, media, or billboards. However, one of the largest new patient pools are existing patients. Overlooking the wealth of contacts and connections that existing patients provide would be doing a disservice to your practice. It is important not only to ensure that you provide the highest quality of care, but to also facilitate the spread of ‘word of mouth. You should also  engage existing patients to provide information such as: referrals, suggestions about the practice, and regional influence that could be used to aid in better-targeted marketing.

Surveys, reviews, and suggestions while helpful, are often ignored when not collected and reviewed methodically. Provide incentives for feedback. This can be done in many ways: placing out candy, pens, or inviting them to connect on social media. If you want more ideas about patient loyalty programs click here.

Either through high quality of care, promotions, or by an effort to engage the patient, you must find a way to pass along what differentiates your practice from the competition. Need ideas for material that can engage your patients in your office? Click Here.