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Thank you for ____________. According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, the phrase “thank you” is a polite expression of one’s gratitude.,  The question that arises is: are you thanking your patients? The words thank and you combined is a powerful phrase that can put a smile on a patient. If you haven’t been saying thank you, here are three ways you can say thank you to patients.

1.    Start a Reward Program

Reward programs are good ways to keep people coming back for a particular service. For example, ice cream shops have cards that are stamped for every ice cream cone bought. After about ten ice cream cones, the customer obtains a free one! This encourages customers to continually come back. Are you a dermatologist or offer medical spa services? Start a program where for every five chemical peels, your patient receives a free custom masque or microdermabrasion. Or if you are a dentist, offer patients a teeth-whitening program as long as they stay up to date with cleanings. The incentives do not have to be expensive services. Just something extra to make your patient feel special and appreciated.

2.    Send an email

Most patients include their email addresses when they fill out patient forms. Ask you patients if they can be contacted through email. If they agree, use this as a way to remind patients that they are due for a treatment, like teeth cleaning, laser hair removal or eye exam. Thank you emails can also be sent after a visit or to confirm upcoming appointments.

3.    Say Thank You

Sometimes saying thank you to your patient is all that you need to do.  After a visit, acknowledge to your patient that they have a choice and share that you are glad they chose your practice.

Saying thank you is not hard but finding time and creative ways to appreciate patients can be difficult. Saying thank you will help your practice grow while keeping old patients. Apply these tips to ensure happy patients. Not sure how to implement this, contact Mindstream Creative today!