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Have you ever considered the impression a caller receives when they dial into your practice? Are they given a warm and friendly hello? Are they immediately put on hold for extended lengths of time? Are they transferred to everyone in your practice so they can simply have a question answered? At one time or another, we have all experienced frustration when calling into a medical office. The key is to be proactive and determine what areas need improvement. You should then make any needed changes.

The people who determine your patient’s first impression are the ones that answer calls and greet patients as they enter the practice. If they are not delivering exceptional patient care and courtesy at each and every encounter with a patient, improvements must be made – and fast!  You could be the best physician in the world; however, if your patients do not feel treated well by your staff, chances are they are going to switch to another practice.

The front desk team should welcome each patient with a warm smile and an acknowledgement that they have arrived. One of the most frustrating things patients experience is signing in at a physician’s office and then not being called back. If possible, offer refreshments to patients by way of a beverage refrigerator and coffee station. Encourage your staff to communicate with patients on the current wait. If you are running far behind, the staff should let the patient know. This gives the patient an opportunity to reschedule if needed.

If you are unsure about the impression your patients receive when calling or while visiting your facility, consider a medical mystery shop. Medical mystery shopping gives a bird’s eye look into the patient experience and is performed by professional medical shoppers who know precisely what to look for when examining a medical practice. If you would like to learn more about medical mystery shopping, give us a call today.