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Authenticity can be defined as being real or genuine. As humans bombarded with over the top marketing messages, we have naturally become skeptics and hesitant to believe almost anything we hear. Businesses have become likened to politicians, just trying to get the sale. But that’s not true for many businesses that truly want to do more than just make a profit. They have simply been marketing the wrong way for a long time. For survival, businesses need to abandon traditional marketing tactics and focus on being real.

The concept behind authentic marketing is nothing new, it is simply a marketing method infrequently used. Businesses are programmed to do what other businesses are doing and have been doing for many years. What many have failed to realize is the way to a customers’ heart is through authenticity and uniqueness.

Authentic marketing is less about the sale more about merging the business’s values with public need. It is about helping people understand who the business is as an organization, what they believe in and how they are going to deliver upon those beliefs. It requires taking a long and hard look at the roots of the organization and determining the core values that the organization will not compromise on, no matter what. Make no mistake – customers want to know what’s in it for them and will tune out ads that don’t meet a need. The business’s story must define how it is meeting a need by uncovering how their business model aligns with the needs of the public.

Pharmaceutical company, Mylan is committed to helping make the world a better place and saving lives. One of their medical marketing efforts is to raise anaphylaxis awareness. Their recent television ad depicting a teen suffering from a reaction to a peanut allergy is authentic to the core. Their website goes a step further by helping people learn more about their allergy and the risks associated with it so they can be prepared should an emergency happen. Yes, they manufacture EpiPen, a treatment for anaphylaxis, but the way they are marketing it is pure genius! They are standing behind their core values while providing a solution to a very real problem.

So start thinking outside the box. Clearly define who you are as well as your core values. Once the core values are understood, you can hone in on a public need that your organization solves for. Again, its not just about making money, it is about making a difference. If you can do this through your marketing efforts, your business will gain the respect and admiration it deserves.