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A biography is most often the first place a prospective patient goes when wanting to learn about a provider. It is the obvious place to showcase education and experience. While this information is important to those considering your care, there are other additions that should be made. These additions can transform a basic doctor biography into a powerful story that conveys the personality, knowledge and expertise needed to build trust.

Four Tips for Writing a Killer Doctor Biography

Organize Content

A doctor biography isn’t the same thing as a Curriculum Vitae. It should, however, be a place to easily find background information on providers. Break content up based on the type of information shared. Be sure to include a phone number and list if the provider is accepting patients. If more than one location exists, list the locations the provider works out of in a designated section on the page.

Tell a Story

Bullets have a place in a biography; however, they shouldn’t be the only way credentials are shared. Instead, bios should be written as a story to showcase the human side of the provider. People make decisions both rationally and emotionally. By including personal and emotional details in a biography, prospective patients are more likely to find a connection and want to move forward. Consider what lead to the decision to become a physician and then branch out to include education, publications and accolades from there. Write the biography in the third person whenever possible.

Include Testimonials

The power of a patient story can be transformational. It speaks to the emotional side of the audience and helps them envision how their own life could be improved. Include a photograph with the testimonial whenever possible. If video testimonials are available, include a top choice or rotate a few on the page.

Use Video

Video can be an important addition to any doctor biography because it goes further than your standard headshot and helps improve search ranking. A video lets the prospective patient hear and see a snippet of the provider’s personality. The video shouldn’t be long, perhaps a minute or less. This provides enough time for the provider to introduce him or herself, share their areas of expertise and personal mission for helping patients feel better. Other videos can also be included if they are available, but organize them in a separate area on the biography page.

Biographies should help prospective patients determine if a provider may be a good fit for their medical needs. By taking the time to create a well-written biography page, prospective patients have the opportunity to feel a connection with their provider before they even enter the examination room.